how to sell ebook ebooks on the internet using a sales funnel

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How To Sell A Digital Ebook On The Internet And Make Money Using Sales Funnels ClickFunnels Review

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I want to give you an inside look at my click funnels account and explain why I like it
so much. In the past I used Aweber , Mail Chimp, Active Campaign, Optimize Press and several other platforms. I’m so glad that I consolidated everything into one place now… ClickFunnels. It integrates with all of the major 3rd party platforms on the web so you can gradually move everything under Click Funnels. I really wish I would’ve transitioned over sooner… I have been using ClickFunnels for about two years now and want to give you a look into my account, show you some specific sales funnels and explain why I like it so much. Here is the main dashboard area of ClickFunnels which it takes you to immediately upon logging in. You can see it is really user-friendly and visually appealing. You can click inside by just scrolling over and you can see which sales funnel is getting the best results. I can also click on Opt-Ins and it will show me just the opt-ins for each funnel.  I can see the analytics of that specific funnel and it breaks down you’re page views per funnel as well. It will show you the real time sales of each specific funnel.


The Click Funnels funnel flow is easy to see visually. If they Opt-In they are immediately taken to the Trip Wire Offer – Special “No Brainer” Offer – I recommend a 70% or above deal for this. In this example it’s a ebook package deal that is normally $67 and selling for $10 (85% OFF). You will also see I offer what’s called a bump offer after they enter all their payment information. This offer is another very big special deal only available on this page…if they don’t take it they miss out… This bump is a way to make a better margin on your initial offer and allow you to pay the most for your ideal customers over your competitors.  If the customer purchased the initial offer for $10 didn’t take the next OTO “one time offer” for $67 then they are taken to a payment plan option for two payments of $37. 


After they move past this page they are offered another OTO “one time offer” for a larger ebook package bundle which is a 5 ebook bundle pack. Again if they don’t take this offer they will be offered a 2 pay payment plan for this ebook package. One initial payment now and one in 30 days…


These one time offer upsells just need to be clicked once since clickfunnels stores their initial credit card information from their first purchase. This makes if very simple for the buyer to take the upsell offers. Keep in mind that the easier you can make if for a customer to purchase your products the more they are likely to buy.


I want to give you a look into where you create your email lists for segmentation. Here I have my top five passing sessions email list. Each person that opts in will go into that list of subscribers. You can also have a list for your buyers. You’ll want to create an email list for each ebook sales funnel that you create. If the visitor just opts-in to get the free ebook and doesn’t purchase anything else throughout the funnel they will stay on the top five passing list until they purchase something else through the email followup sequence. If they end up purchasing any product they will be taken off the top five email list and added to the buyer list. 


Actionetics is where you have your email lists and create your automated action funnels “email sequences” If they don’t buy anything and just opt-in to get the free sessions that is still a BIG win! This means you can add them to one of your action funnels sequences and deliver emails to them automatically. These emails can lead people to your blog website that has high value content related to what they initially opted in for with their email address.  This will start to develop your relationship with the people on your email list. 


The indoctrination sequence is the first three emails or so where you are fully providing value by training and teaching on your niche topic… no sales at this point of the sales funnel. After you provide this value you can then integrate in your sales emails. You can see here how the email sequence works. Every three days they will get the next email in the sequence automatically. You can set that out to be days or hours and then they are automatically sent through send grid which you connect to your account. SendGrid is a program that sends out the emails and shows the overall statistics of opens and clicks. This is easily integrated within your ClickFunnels account. 


Now we’re going to look into the exact funnel so those are the email sequence know what skill funny so funny. And will go into the app in a book from Sicario here’s where you are funny she can easily see the sequence of the final figures acting immediately after the opt-in they are sent to a special offer that is normally $47 and they are offering it for just $10 on this page only, plus were throwing in a bonus ebooks we give three ebooks in this offer.  You want to make this first offer very good because the hardest part of online sales is getting someone to open up their wallet and pay for a product.  So you want to make this offer a “No Brainer” for the potential customer. 


The great thing with ClickFunnels is that you don’t have to be a coder or graphic designer because it has everything already built in with a drag and drop visual elements. I’m able to create these all by myself and don’t have to know any html code to make it work and look professional. It’s very simple to use and I can click here and add an image easily. The platform is very user friendly and you can just integrate your third party platforms if you need to straight into ClickFunnels. When I was using Aweber still I had integrated that to work with Clickfunnels and now i’ve converted everything over to use Actionetics to handle everything with email lists, auto responders, broadcasts and more!


I’m actually going to give you my full ebook share funnel for free today just click here.


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