Social media technologies are continuing to evolve with new platforms being developed all the time. As a business, it is important to stay on top of what is happening with social media and thinking about how your company can use these technologies to reach new customers.

While some companies are using platforms like Snapchat, a photo messaging app where the content disappears after it is viewed, to reach younger consumers, not all new technologies are appropriate for all businesses.  Find out what platforms your customers are using and you will know where to find them!

Check out these 2014 stats from Media Plus+:

Of course don’t forget about platforms like Vine, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, & Snapchat. Check out this list of major active social networking websites.  Consider trying a new platform this year to expand your reach.

2014 Social Media Trends to Consider


40% of internet time is now spent on mobile devices. Is the content that you are sharing on social media easy to view on a smaller device? It should be.

Video Marketing

Put consumers at ease by creating short and engaging videos to market your products and services. Videos are tremendously popular and effective.

Be Engaging

No matter which social media platforms you choose to market your business on, you must be engaging. It’s not enough to just have a presence, you must have a message that people want to hear. If you aren’t sure what to post, companies like Pillar Social Media specialize in creating social media strategies and managing and growing brands on the social web.

Paid Ads

It is an increasing trend for businesses to pay to have their message seen on social media sites. Recently, platforms like Facebook have been reworking the algorithms that decide what to show users in their news feeds. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been good news for business pages. In order to guarantee that your most important messages are seen, try a paid ad on your prefered social networking site.


If you need help creating, managing, and growing your brand on the social web, Pillar Social Media can help. Within the world of social media, the difference between success and failure is the strategy behind the implementation. At Pillar Social Media, we provide the best ways to interact and engage with your communities on social networks, generate great content to share with your audience, and keep you and your social accounts up to date on any relevant changes in the social media industry.

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